English Shepherd: a working Vermont farm dog

Machia - English Shepherd
Our 5 month old puppy Machias. He is an English Shepherd being trained as a working farm dog. He is very attentive, loveable and he is extremely bright. He already has three jobs down:

1. He confronts the ram if the ram chases the pregnant ewes and gets him to stop it.

2. He keeps the pigs from pushing at the fence at feeding time...generally keeps them from testing the fence too exuberantly.

3. He keeps the larger sow from eating our two younger gilt's food and generally ensures that the pigs each pursue their own food.

It's amazing to watch him work at even such a young age. He understands many basic obedience commands, not the least of which is "come", "off", "get down", "sit" (well sort of). Additionally, he is learning "settle", "stand", "all's well", "jump", "come in" as it relates to the farm work.

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