Registered Icelandic Breed Stock in Vermont

Stark Hollow Farm provides superior Icelandic breed stock to small farms and breeders throughout New England. In recent months, several start flocks as well as ewe lambs and ram lambs were sold to farms in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

We strive to produce superior animals with excellent conformation, meaty builds, luxurious fleeces and good parasite resistance.

Icelandic lamb is considered a gourmet tasting lamb, mild yet flavorful. Our lamb typically sells out in a matter of weeks! Contact us if interested. Lamb will be available in mid November. Check our website for more information at

The dual coated fleece, natural colored fleece of these animals is prized by handspinners and felters.

Daphne, a gorgeous moorit  ewe lamb headed off to her new home in Waitsfield, Vermont today.

For more information on Stark Hollow Farm Icelandic sheep for sale, visit us at Stark Hollow Farm.

Vermont Forage Based Rabbits Kindling* Hutches

Vanessa at work!

Vanessa's custom designed, modular rabbit hutches accommodate new mamas with their newly kindled bunnies. The mothers must be separated and provided their own space during the crucial days leading up to kindling and in the days and weeks following the birth of their bunnies.

The Finished Hutch

During their time in the kindling hutches, mamas are fed grasses, clover, parsnip leaves, carrots and other garden greens as well as grain supplements while their young ones are nursing. As the bunnies grow older, they too, begin to consume forage before they are placed back into rotational field hutches.

The New Mama's Rabbit Village

Watch for us at the Burlington Winter Farmer's Market this year for delicious forage based rabbit meats.

* The definition of Kindle as used in animal husbandry is: (of animals, especially rabbits) to bear (young); produce (offspring).

Stark Hollow Farm Consults with Sue Morse

Vanessa Riva, Sue Morse and Laura Smith

Sue Morse, founder of Keeping Tracks and a recognized expert in natural history and wildlife tracking, came to HOWL recently and consulted with Stark Hollow Farm owner, Vanessa Riva, about her farm management and stewardship of HOWL lands.

Sue applauded Stark Hollow Farm's rotational grazing methods, absence of permanent fencing that would obstruct wildlife passage, abatement of non-native invasive plants, encouragement of plant diversity which supports diversity of wildlife, and the maintenance of "rough" meadow areas along field borders.

Stark Hollow Farm continues to amend fields, maintain core wildlife habitat and corridors, and provide rigorous stewardship of the HOWL lands. This work has been recognized and is highly valued by HOWL, A Vermont Women's Land Trust with whom the farm has a wonderful and mutually beneficial partnership with.

Vanessa Riva & Sue Morse

Vanessa Riva & Sue Morse at the top of the South Meadow

Icelandic Sheep on South Meadow

Forest/Pasture Raised Tamworth Pigs