Vermont Forage Based Rabbit Meat

Farm fresh, forage based rabbit meat available now from Stark Hollow Farm. We raise meat rabbits on pasture where they have access to lots of tasty pasture grasses & weeds. They also receive a variety of garden gleanings and cash & carry vegetables and supplemental grains. We are a small homestead style farm and only raise a few dozen rabbits each season, so you can be assured that these animals are given individual attention as members of our farm.

Rabbit is considered the healthiest of all meats. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has stated that rabbit is the most nutritious meat known to man. It is the lowest in both calories and cholesterol than most meat products including beef, pork, lamb, and chicken and yet it has the highest percentage of protein. It is often a meat recommended to folks with special needs diets or those who sometimes have trouble digesting other meats. It is the most sustainable, lowest impact, highest production meat available.


Whole carcasses available at $8.50/lb, vacuum packed, frozen.
For more information: Stark Hollow Farm Forage Based Rabbit Meat

Icelandic Starter Flock Sold

Stark Hollow Farm sold another starter flock of gorgeous registered Icelandic sheep to a Edge Fuentes and Katie Spring, resident farmers at Applecheek Farm in northern Vermont. They will be raising the sheep for meat and wool and as part of their intensive grazing strategy of land management. They were drawn to the primitive Icelandic breed as a multi-use breed that is both thrifty and rugged. Their natural colored, dual coated fleeces are prized by handspinners and they thrive in the snowy, mountainous winter terrain of northern Vermont.

Two proven ewes and four 2012 Icelandic ewe lambs of diverse genetics will have Edge and Katie off to a great start with their new flock. Congratulation Edge & Katie!

Dove - a bright white ewe lamb

Laura with the sheep corralled and ready to go!

Edge with Dover - gorgeous black badgerfaced ewe lamb

The flock at their new home...

Icelandic Sheep Travel to New Home

Congratulations to Kate Maclean for her purchase of three of our beautiful Icelandic ewe lambs. Here is a photo of the lambs in the back of her Subaru on their way to their new home...check out Kate's blog at the longest acre.

Delphie, Dubrah & Dax