Hams & Bacons Are Here!

Forest raise, heritage breed pork available at Stark Hollow Farm. Also pork roasts, chops, ribs, sausage, tenderloins and all your favorite cuts. See us at the Burlington Farmer's Market this Saturday, December 17th or order through our website in time for the holidays.

Our First Farmer's Market

Stark Hollow Farm had a great debut at the Burlington Farmer's Market in Vermont today. We sold lots of forest raised pork and Icelandic lamb, made some new friends, and had a great time. Folks really seemed to appreciate our heritage breed focus and our small homestead feel. The enormous Icelandic sheep skin pelt was a huge success with the kids. Some of them weren't too sure if it was alive or not, but none of them could stop stroking the luxurious long locks of wool. There was also lots of interest from crafters for our Icelandic Roving.

Vanessa prepping the table just before opening