Icelandic Sheep arrive at Stark Hollow

After years of dreaming...the sheep are finally here. We have spent years talking about, planning and preparing for this moment. The whole thing started back when we lived in Oakland and decided that we wanted to live a more sustainable lifestyle that was more connected to nature and the land. We began discussing where we might live and it was an easy decision for us to come to Vermont. Vermont is where I (Laura) was born and raised and Vanessa had visited many times over the years. We both agreed that we loved Vermont and it would put us close to family and give us back our four seasons which we had been missing during the many years we lived in CA. Then we began discussing what we wanted to do in VT. We agreed to start with a small homestead farm where we would keep sheep and chickens and grow vegetables. From there we conducted extensive research into the breeds discussing exactly what we would do with the sheep. We agreed on a combination of wool, cheese and meat and found the Icelandics to be conducive to this type of mixed use. We are very excited by the arrival of Mara, baby Pearl, and Poppy, the first of what we hope to be many sheep who call Stark Hollow Farm home. See more pictures here: