Vanessa & Rose work on the Round House

Vanessa and Rose (a.k.a. Sherpa) spent several days getting the sheep's Round House ready for winter. The roof required expansion of the woven sapling support system. They then cut aluminum "shingles" to tile the roof with. Next will be the sides, which we will temporarily board up. Eventually we want to cob the sides. Icelandic sheep in Vermont at Stark Hollow Farm.

Blueberry & Cider arrive at Stark Hollow Farm

Blueberry (black) & Cider (white) arrive at Stark Hollow Farm. Their sire and dam are both from our farm...they return to their roots after an extended stay with Bloomfield Farm in Charlotte, Vermont.

Photos shown here before and after shearing. These two girls are in great shape and will be bred this fall to Ember, our new black mouflon ram.