Pearl Heads to West Corinth VT Farm

Our beloved Pearl "of Siam" headed off today in the back of a mini-van contentedly munching away on hay. She was sold as a bred ewe to a farm in West Corinth. We are sad to see Pearly leave us, but know that she will have a great place in West Corinth. We'll miss her complaisant gaze and bossy demeanor. She is a good, hardy mother and will make a fine addition to the flock at her new home. Farewell Pearl!

Orn Rocks Alaska!

From our friends in Alaska where Orn has apparently settled in nicely:

Hi Laura, Orn is awesome! Everybody at Delta cargo crowded around to take pictures as we transferred him from the crate to our trailer, lol. He is such a sweet guy, and of course a hit with his new ewes. An artist friend of mine is painting him also - he's quite popular here! Trimmed his hooves the other day and he was even polite about that. I only have this one lousy picture taken with my blackberry. I keep waiting for a chance to take a better one, but seems like it's either -10 degrees below zero or dark... I'll send more soon. Happy Holidays!
Sarah Donchi
Kenai Feed
ny River Outfitter