New Heritage Breed Chicks Arrive

New Chicks

New heritage breed chicks have arrived at Stark Hollow Farm.

These will be raised to about 16 weeks and sold as pullets for folks who want laying hens. Each year we purchase 25-50 chicks depending upon our own flock needs, selling the rest to small, back yard or "urban" farmers who like to keep a few laying hens for their personal use. We provide healthy, fully feathered pullets that are on the verge of laying their first eggs. The hens we raise are heritage breeds, purchased as part of our on-farm heritage breed conservancy program. This year's chicks are comprised of all heritage breeds as follows:

Blue Andalusian (Threatened)
Black Australorp (Recovering)

Plymouth Barred Rock (Recovering)

Buff Orpington (Recovering)

Rhode Island Reds (Recovering)

Sivler Laced Wyandotte (Recovering)

Chicks arrive at 1 day old and immediate care must be given for hydration, food, electrolytes and heat. These little gals need to be maintained at 95 degree Fahrenheit. The temperature is reduced gradually over a number of weeks until the birds feather out.

Keep us in mind if you are looking for a small backyard flock this year!! Chicks will be available in early summer.

Breed photos courtesy of Murray McMurray Hatchery.

A Visit to Good Heart Farmstead, L3C

We traveled down to Good Heart Farmstead, L3C to visit Edge and Katie and complete some tattooing of the sheep they purchased from Stark Hollow Farm last summer. The girls look great and are now in the company of a handsome ram from Knoll Farm named "Prince". Vanessa took a few minutes to give a quick hoof trimming lesson. It was great to see Katie and Edge and their blossoming new farm in Worcester, VT.

Starter Flock - Good Heart Farmstead, L3C Icelandic Sheep

Vanessa and Edge Placing Ear Tattoo

Gorgeous Icelandic Sheep Skin Pelts

Gorgeous Icelandic Sheep Skin Pelts available in a variety of colors/sizes. These beautiful, soft pelts are great for rugs, throws, car seat covers, pet mats and many other wonderful uses. The Icelandic fleece is dual coated with a thick, warm undercoat and long luxurious outer coat. These fleeces are consider premium, with a staple length and softness that is hard to find. Visit our website to see more colors/sizes:

AI Breeding of Tamworth Pigs

 Two rounds of AI breeding completed for our Tamworth gilts. It's our first time trying artificial insemination and we are hopeful that in 3 months, 3 weeks, & 3 days we'll see some beautiful little piglets on the farm.
Here is the champion sire "RUSTY":

Registered Tamworth breed stock and feeder pigs available in July!