More Icelandic Lambs

Mara's lamb "Codina" which mean "little tail" in Italian. She got this name due to her breech birth...she came out tail first. Shepherdess Vanessa was amazing in her vigilance, patience and courage getting this little girl out and breathing. She is beautiful!

Mocha's ram lambs are black with the two patterns, mouflon & badgerface, sitting on top. They were out, up, and milking within an hour! She is a great mom.

2011 Lambing Season is Underway!

The first three lambs are born. Mocha and Mara both had their lambs tonight. Mara has a beautiful black mouflon ewe lamb and Mocha gave birth to twin mouflon badger-faced ram lambs.

Here is Mocha with her first ram lamb.

Sheep shelter gets new floor!

We had a torrential downpour here on Saturday. The sheep shelter became a soggy mess. We spent most of the day on Sunday installing a new floor to keep them up off the soggy ground. It came out beautifully.

1 x 6 x 12 foot hemlock boards from P&P Lumber in Starksboro...gorgeous.

Lots of fluffy, dry straw!

Icelandic Lambs on the way

Our registered Icelandic sheep are getting close to lambing. The first lambs are due the end of this month. Vanessa is busy, busy building a modular lambing shelter...