Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shearing Day!

Another shearing day complete here at Stark Hollow Farm in Vermont! Together with our shearer, the job was complete in about 3 hours. Many of our Icelandics were starting to "roo", which is a term that describes the way that the fleece is naturally shed by the animals. We love shearing day because it is a chance to see how the ewes, especially the lactating ewes are doing coming off winter.

Our animals are 100% grass fed with no commercial or customer grain mixtures used. This means their condition at the time of lactation is their lowest of the year, and yet as you can see from these photos, the girls look great!

Doe, udder with twins
Doe, 2 years

Doe with her twins

Dolomite, 2 years

Dandelion, 2 years

Cider, 5 years

Elderberry, one winter ewe

Camox with twins, 3 years

Eiya, one winter ewe

Eiya, one winter ewe with lamb

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