Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stark Hollow Farm Icelandic Sheep Featured in Recently Published Book

Stark Hollow Farm is featured in Textiles & Textile Production in Europe from Prehistory to 400AD, a recently published book by editors Margarita Gleba & Ulla Mannering. Margarita is an archeologist who specializes in ancient textiles and used a photo of our Icelandic sheep as an example of an ancient breed in her most recently published work. She lectures internationally and will be using samples of our wool and photos of our sheep on her lecture tours.

We visited with Margarita in London last summer in the lab at University College of London. We got to look at the enhanced images via electron microscope of ancient sheep fibers from digs in parts of Western Europe. It has been exciting to speak with her about the Icelandic breed and the wonderful fibers that these animals produce. We hope she will visit the farm soon on one of her lecture tours in the U.S.

More info on the book is available here:

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