Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall Shearing at Stark Hollow Farm

Fall shearing is an exciting time on any sheep farm. It's a chance to see how everyone is looking. Are the sheep looking healthy? Are they thin? How have the lambs grown out?

With our wonderful Icelandic breed, it's a chance to assess their fleece color/pattern more fully. We love the opportunity for real handling of the animals. Laying hands on each animal is a way to be in deep connection with them as well as assess their overall health.

We have lovely raw Icelandic fleeces for sale from this fall's shearing. If you are interested in a fleece, feel free to contact us or visit our website: for more information. (see photos below.)

Jim & Liz work their magic!

Codina Before Shearing

Codina After Shearing (on left)
Dipper Before Shearing
Dipper After Shearing

Notice the interesting "dappling" pattern under Dipper's white fleece...very cool...

Black Grey Fleece

Moorit Badger-Face Fleece

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