Monday, January 18, 2010

The rythm of farm life.

The sheep are loving the round house and all the girls should be bred now and into their 2nd trimester. They were all rounded up yesterday for a good hoof trimming, which meant a taste of grains which of course they just love.

We've put our name on the list for some English Saddleback pigs, a rare heritage breed. Hopefully some gilts for eating. If not, we'll get some Tamworths. All the chickens are laying now and we have a regular surplus of eggs which find a home in the frying pans of several friends. Researching meat recipes for ham and salamis and will begin curing soon. Also researching natural remedies for parasite management and getting ready to cut and split more firewood for next winter.

Still trying to find a home for one snappy Silver Spangled Hamburg may just have to be the stew pot.

The rhythm of farm life.

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